About Me


A large part of my working time is dedicated to the analysis of molecular biology data, such as those produced by gene expression microarray, based on machine learning (a.k.a data mining) techniques. I take part in projects centered on Cancer (Melanoma, Lung), Immunology, Allergy, Rheumatology,… Part of the job of our research team is to counsel big pharma companies and other scientific institutions since the end of 2007. Our main fields of expertise are genomic data analysis leading to robust models for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment response prediction and gene profiling, often in the context of clinical studies. We are also interested in helping our partners to design rigorous experimental protocols to generate their valuable data potentially leading to innovative industrial and/or scientifical results.

From October 2010, my main activity is to study the feasibility of transferring parts of our lab IP to a private company, in the form of a new Spin-Off of the University of Louvain: DNAlytics.

My main scientific interests are in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics (also known as computational biology) and more generally in Artificial Intelligence. Aspects of (convex) Optimization constitute an increasing part of my research. I like to consider both fundamentals and practical aspects of science. Industrial application of scientific advances is a strong concern for me. As time and projects go by, basics of biology tend to become a part of my education as well. At least, biological applications of my work receive my greatest interest.


I was born in Belgium in 1982. I got an Engineering degree in Computing Sciences from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) in June 2006. I then joined the Computing Science and Engineering Department (INGI) of the UCL in August 2006 as a PhD student, funded by a FRIA grant, under supervision of Prof. Pierre Dupont. I got a PhD in Engineering Sciences from UCL in September 2010. From October 2010, I started a Spin-Off project under a First Spin-Off funding from Wallonia. At the same time, I started a Master in Management at the Louvain School of Management. I am member of the Machine Learning Group (MLG) and of the Health Cluster of Wallonia: Biowin.


In my spare time (decreasing as years go by), I like to be involved in several activities such as playing the drums in rock bands, enjoy the taste of good cooking (and cook myself), jogging and reading. Old single malts also get my favors.